I am happy to share the video interview on THE GODI METHOD® published on the blog page of the important Italian Newspaper IL SOLE 24 ORE by Giuseppe Jepis Rivello for “Storie di Bottega”. Video courtesy of a residency sponsored by BACAS with Jepis Bottega.

The Godi Method® workshop: “Optimizing Gymnastic Training Through Postural Alignment” hosted by Silvia ‘s Gymnastics in PA.

The Godi Method® workshop: “Optimizing Gymnastic Training Through Postural Alignment” hosted by Silvia ‘s Gymnastics in PA.

Special Thanks To Iva Ivanova, Maia and Silvia Mitova and Silvia’s Gymnastic for hosting: The Godi Method® workshop: “Optimizing Gymnastic Training Through Postural Alignment”.

The 3 hours workshop instruction covered topics including applying correct posture in basic gymnastic exercises and cracking patterns of tension in order to improve the proprioception of the gymnast and enhance their performance. The workshop also provided valuable tools to address and relieve back pain that gymnasts may experience during training.

In the picture : Olympic Silver Medalist Rhythmic Gymnastics and Word Champion Choreographer for the Bulgarian National Ballet School : Iva Ivanova, and Olympic and World Gymnast and World and Olympic Gymnastic Coach Maia Mitova.

The Godi Method® Group Classes are back!

The Godi Method® Group Classes are back!

The Godi Method® Group Classes are back!

The classes take place every Wednesday at 12 pm and every Thursday at 7.30 pm at CRS STUDIO in the heart of Union Square in New York City. The CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) exactly is located on 123 4th Ave, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10003.

The Godi Method® Group Classes are addressed to develop the awareness of your posture and your body, reduce muscle pain and aches as well as intermittent back pain and optimize your training and movement through specific wellness exercises.

The classes are suitable for people that experience intermittent back pain, or just finished a rehabilitation program and for all the people that are interested in this new training methodology.

The class has a limited number of 8 people.

Duration of each class: 1 hour.

To Sign Up and for more information, please contact:

Shahryar S.

Age 52 – Initial consultation: severe upper back pain, poor alignment, poor abdominal – Training period 12 months.

“If you have any back pains, postural alignment issues, or need an excellent personal trainer and professional, you should meet Claudia. The Godi Method®, focuses on fixing the root cause. Almost a year ago I started having some severe upper right back pains. Through a good friend and by luck I was introduced to Claudia who immediately assessed my condition and during 1 hours weekly sessions, worked with me on some basics, but important foundational breathing and stretching exercises. Immediately I started seeing the improvements and results which was very surprising to me. Since then I have continued working with Claudia to move into more advance techniques to tune my muscles and to learn how to exercise correctly. I used to do 40-50 push-ups every day and when Claudia showed me the correct positioning and breathing while doing pushups, I could barley do 20! I am very satisfied with Claudia’s work and my results and I strongly recommend her and her method.”

Marilyn R.

Age 56 – Initial consultation: shoulder’s pain – Training period: 2 months

“I had been having pain in my shoulder off and on for over ten years. Most recently, I saw a physician for the problem and it was recommended that I go for physical therapy. Going for physical therapy was recommended to me by a previous physician in 2008. Back then I did the physical therapy and improved, but I started to think that there was something about the nature of this discomfort that was not being addressed by physical therapy alone. I had done some reading about alignment and came across Claudia’s information on the internet. I was so happy that she was here in New York. She worked with me, explaining to me how to observe and address my mis-alignment through breathing exercises. Claudia is very patient and she has a gentle and effective approach . After our sessions, I would always feel a renewed sense of ease and vigor. My shoulder issue is gone for now. Best of all, I feel that I have learned a new way of addressing any tension, or aches and pains I might feel in my limbs or my back, through what she taught me. I now know how to work on my own issues – or at least where to begin — because of her guidance.”

Riccardo F.

Age: 40 – Initial Consultation: Attacks of back pain during exercise, poor coordination, poor abdominal strength – Training period: 9 months

“I was experiencing sudden attacks of back pain while playing squash. After training with Claudia my balance and coordination improved considerably and I learned how to run, lunge and move properly and more quickly. I was able to return to playing squash after 9 months of training, and I’m proud to say that I was able to run the New York Marathon one year after starting with Claudia, which I never thought I would be able to do!”

Emily B.

Age 75 – Initial consultation: hip misalignment, lower back pain –  Training period: 6 months. 

“I suffered from hip misalignment and pain in my knees and lower back. Claudia helped me to realign and strengthen. She is incredibly knowledgeable and devoted to her clients’ well-being and improvement as well as patient, kind, and generous. You trust her right away with your health.”