Marilyn R.

Age 56 – Initial consultation: shoulder’s pain – Training period: 2 months

“I had been having pain in my shoulder off and on for over ten years. Most recently, I saw a physician for the problem and it was recommended that I go for physical therapy. Going for physical therapy was recommended to me by a previous physician in 2008. Back then I did the physical therapy and improved, but I started to think that there was something about the nature of this discomfort that was not being addressed by physical therapy alone. I had done some reading about alignment and came across Claudia’s information on the internet. I was so happy that she was here in New York. She worked with me, explaining to me how to observe and address my mis-alignment through breathing exercises. Claudia is very patient and she has a gentle and effective approach . After our sessions, I would always feel a renewed sense of ease and vigor. My shoulder issue is gone for now. Best of all, I feel that I have learned a new way of addressing any tension, or aches and pains I might feel in my limbs or my back, through what she taught me. I now know how to work on my own issues – or at least where to begin — because of her guidance.”