Shahryar S.

Age 52 – Initial consultation: severe upper back pain, poor alignment, poor abdominal – Training period 12 months.

“If you have any back pains, postural alignment issues, or need an excellent personal trainer and professional, you should meet Claudia. The Godi Method®, focuses on fixing the root cause. Almost a year ago I started having some severe upper right back pains. Through a good friend and by luck I was introduced to Claudia who immediately assessed my condition and during 1 hours weekly sessions, worked with me on some basics, but important foundational breathing and stretching exercises. Immediately I started seeing the improvements and results which was very surprising to me. Since then I have continued working with Claudia to move into more advance techniques to tune my muscles and to learn how to exercise correctly. I used to do 40-50 push-ups every day and when Claudia showed me the correct positioning and breathing while doing pushups, I could barley do 20! I am very satisfied with Claudia’s work and my results and I strongly recommend her and her method.”