The Godi Method® Workshop “Optimizing Exercise Through Postural Alignment” Testimonials

The Godi Method® Workshop “Optimizing Exercise Through Postural Alignment” Testimonials

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“I enjoyed my recent class with Claudia Godi immensely. Claudia is knowledgable, personable and highly skilled in her profession. Her attention to detail and to each and every student ensured a rewarding experience for all.”

Michelle Daniels, LMT, CLT


“The Godi Method® workshop was an insightful experience, well put together, informative, very much hands on and easy to follow. 
Claudia is a talented Exercise Physiologist with a strong background on biomechanics and a keen insight on the challenges that the body face to perform at its peak potential. The greatest value of her approach is that her principles can be translated in the performance of everyday activities with great ease.
I have had tremendous help from her strategies to address imbalances on my own spine and have included her exercises in my daily routine. I would recommend her workshops to anyone interested in improving their posture and learn better movement form, either in the occupation or fitness goal.”

Luca Perosino


“Claudia’s class is a great introduction to accessing a more relaxed and ultimately more efficient approach to movement and exercise. Its a relatively subtle methodology, yet profound in its objective of promoting sustainable health and longevity”

Carlos Bayerri-Albesa, LAc, LMT


“I attended the workshop after seeing Claudia for 4 months. It was nice to review all the exercises that she teached me, to practice one more time with her before being let go. I am now using her advices during my everyday breathing and workouts. These keys help me a lot on my everyday life, how to stand, how to breathe, how to exercise. I don’t feel back pain as I used to. Go, you won’t regret it!”

Charlotte Roucher