Freeing your breath from its restrictions you'll be able to combine postural alignment with exercise programs, becoming uniquely aware of your own body and learning how to crack patterns of tension during the training process, leading to stronger muscles required for specific movements without interference by other muscles unnecessary for those movements. With The Godi Method®, you will achieve a more efficient and effortless way to move and work out, and reduce the muscle aches and pains that you've experienced in the past.



Claudia Godi

Claudia Godi is a Health and Wellness Instructor with over 16 years of experience.

She was born in Florence, Italy, where she became a competive gymnast: this experience shaped Claudia's passion for movement. She graduated from the University Of Florence (ISEF) with a degree in Physical Education and started working as a personal trainer when it was still an emerging profession in Italy. She then moved to Rome, where she ran a post-rehabilitation center under the guidance of Luigi Salvino, an expert postural alignment and back-pain relief physical therapist. During those years she also expanded her knowledge of movement, studying and practicing GYROTONIC® and The Mezieres Method (AIFIMM).

She practiced these techniques on her own body, learning how to engage her muscles in a different way than she was used to from her previous physical training and sports backgrounds.

These experiences gave Claudia a new approach to her work: a new way of working out aimed at maintaining proper alignment so that the movement becomes as ergonomic as possible.

Claudia's perpetual quest for simplicity of movement in training, and a clear understanding of how all the parts of the body are integrated to provide the best results with the least effort, brought her to the creation and development of The Godi Method®.

Certifications and training:

B.S. in Physical Education, University of Florence, Italy

ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Exercise Physiologist

EIM (Exercise is Medicine®) Professional Credential

Certified Mézières Method Practitioner

Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor

Certified Gymnastics Instructor

Friends with:

Antonella Ricco, CNE, CHHC, Private Chef : www.antonellaricco.com

workshops & one-on-one

The Godi Method®: One-on-One

The Godi Method®s one-on-one training (inspired by The Mézières Method) program is founded on the concept of Body Bio-individuality. Each person is a unique individual and his/her needs in term of movement are highly specific. In recognition of this, The Godi Method®s one-on-one instruction begins with a complete assessment of postural alignment. The result of the assessment informs the choice of a series of highly customized exercises aimed at reaching and maintaining your optimal alignment and making your workouts more efficient, effortless and enjoyable. During the one-on-one sessions your individual preferences, energy levels, and even the work you do for a living (as it relates to your movement needs), along with previous and/or current injuries and health conditions, will all be taken into consideration to structure your personalized regimen.

The Godi Method®: Group Classes

The Godi Method® is a new form of training methodology which teaches people how to achieve correct posture when they exercise. The Godi Method® (inspired by the Mézières Method) also emphasizes the importance of proper breathing and ultimately leads to a more efficient way of moving and working out. What you learn can be applied outside your workout routine as well, in your daily activities and other training modalities, putting you in charge of your movements and harmonizing how your muscles work together. With The Godi Method®, you will become the boss of your own movement. The classes take place every Wednesday at 12 pm and every Thursday at 7.30 pm at CRS STUDIO in the heart of Union Square in New York City.

The Godi Method® Workshops

The Godi Method® workshops allow participants to understand, experience and practice The Godi Method® methodology in a concentrated amount of time. The workshops are tailored to suit the needs of participants and host organizations and are applicable to their specific requirements.
At the core of all workshops is the optimization of the exercise through postural alignment. This highly efficient method is proven to result in more effective workouts and develops not only of an awareness of the body but also of an awareness of the body when it is put under effort.
The Godi Method® workshop have been tailored for Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, GYROTONIC® Trainers, Master Trainers, Yoga and Pilates Trainers, Gymnastic Coaches and Physical Educators, and Gymnasts as well as individuals seeking to elevate their workouts while relieving strain exercise may normally put on their bodies.
The workshops are offered in 3, 4, 8, 10 and 12 hour sessions based on the topics presented and the audience addressed.
To host a Godi Method® Workshop in your location, please contact: method@claudiagodi.com or (646) 824-7414

What You Can Expect

Over time, you will gradually change your lifestyle thanks to thPosturalAlignment_phMarinaMassaroe fact that you will become uniquely aware of your own body and begin to consciously choose the movement types and frequencies that work for you. The Godi Method® is not goal-oriented; it is lifestyle-altering. All too often a person approaches physical activity with a specific goal, such as building muscles or losing weight. When they reach their goal, they once again become less mindful of their movement, and over time, they revert back to their original state (gaining back weight, losing muscle mass, etc.) The Godi Method®s mission is to take you on a journey through your body, helping you become familiar with the nuances of its movement, balanced against your needs. Little by little, you will notice your movement mentality shift from "I need to move my body to achieve something" to "I need to move because it feels good."




Shahryar S.

Shahryar S.

Age 52 – Initial consultation: severe upper back pain, poor alignment, poor abdominal – Training period 12 months.

“If you have any back pains, postural alignment issues, or need an excellent personal trainer and professional, you should meet Claudia. The Godi Method®, focuses on fixing the root cause. Almost a year ago I started having some severe upper right back pains. Through a good friend and by luck I was introduced to Claudia who immediately assessed my condition and during 1 hours weekly sessions, worked with me on some basics, but important foundational breathing and stretching exercises. Immediately I started seeing the improvements and results which was very surprising to me. Since then I have continued working with Claudia to move into more advance techniques to tune my muscles and to learn how to exercise correctly. I used to do 40-50 push-ups every day and when Claudia showed me the correct positioning and breathing while doing pushups, I could barley do 20! I am very satisfied with Claudia’s work and my results and I strongly recommend her and her method.”

Marilyn R.

Marilyn R.

Age 56 – Initial consultation: shoulder’s pain – Training period: 2 months

“I had been having pain in my shoulder off and on for over ten years. Most recently, I saw a physician for the problem and it was recommended that I go for physical therapy. Going for physical therapy was recommended to me by a previous physician in 2008. Back then I did the physical therapy and improved, but I started to think that there was something about the nature of this discomfort that was not being addressed by physical therapy alone. I had done some reading about alignment and came across Claudia’s information on the internet. I was so happy that she was here in New York. She worked with me, explaining to me how to observe and address my mis-alignment through breathing exercises. Claudia is very patient and she has a gentle and effective approach . After our sessions, I would always feel a renewed sense of ease and vigor. My shoulder issue is gone for now. Best of all, I feel that I have learned a new way of addressing any tension, or aches and pains I might feel in my limbs or my back, through what she taught me. I now know how to work on my own issues – or at least where to begin — because of her guidance.”

Riccardo F.

Riccardo F.

Age: 40 – Initial Consultation: Attacks of back pain during exercise, poor coordination, poor abdominal strength – Training period: 9 months

“I was experiencing sudden attacks of back pain while playing squash. After training with Claudia my balance and coordination improved considerably and I learned how to run, lunge and move properly and more quickly. I was able to return to playing squash after 9 months of training, and I’m proud to say that I was able to run the New York Marathon one year after starting with Claudia, which I never thought I would be able to do!”

Emily B.

Emily B.

Age 75 – Initial consultation: hip misalignment, lower back pain –  Training period: 6 months. 

“I suffered from hip misalignment and pain in my knees and lower back. Claudia helped me to realign and strengthen. She is incredibly knowledgeable and devoted to her clients’ well-being and improvement as well as patient, kind, and generous. You trust her right away with your health.”

Cate M.

Cate M.

Age 40 – Initial Consultation: lower back pain, limited range of motion in the joints related to breast cancer surgeries, poor abdominal – Training period: 3 months.

“When I first began working with Claudia I was living with constant pain and had very limited range of motion in my arms, chest and back caused by nearly a decade of various surgeries related to breast cancer. I was quite nervous about injuring myself especially after a painful and costly experience at a traditional gym. Claudia put my fears to rest almost at once with her gentle, thorough and laser-precise focus on movement and control. Within two months I was exhibiting strength I thought I’d lost forever, experiencing comfort and range of motion that I thought impossible and most importantly I began to feel a sense of self confidence long diminished by the experience of having cancer. I continue to improve week by week and am incredibly grateful to have found Claudia and her fantastic method.”


Jon H.

Jon H.

Age 42 – Initial consultation: regular lower back pain, poor alignment, poor coordination – Training period: 18 months.

“I worked with Claudia on my lower back pain for about eighteen months. Two things that I really appreciate about Claudia’s work: (1) She starts with an unusually comprehensive analysis of body posture (multiple angles, prone and standing) and uses that to both inform her strategy and measure her progress. (2) I happen to have a lot of difficulty translating commands into actual body movement, and her willingness to poke this and pull that moved the process along a lot faster than it would have otherwise.”

Noelle H.

Noelle H.

Age 29 – Initial consultation: lower back pain, neck pain, C5-C6 bulging disc as diagnosed by the doctor – Training period: 3 months

“I suffered from lower back pain, neck pain, pain from misaligned hips and leg length discrepancy. I also had pain on my feet, ankles, and calves that would make it very difficult for me to walk. In three months Claudia really helped me work through all these. My posture improved and my hip alignment and leg length pretty much evened out. She strengthened my core because a strong core equals a strong body. The fact that my abs also started to really show and look great was an added bonus. Claudia teaches you how to do the workout while isolating the muscle you should be working on so as not to add any stress on the back and neck or other problem areas. She’s fantastic and training with her really helped speed up my recovery.”

Alan N.

Alan N.

Age 70 – Initial consultation: lower back pain, poor alignment, poor coordination – Training period: 24 months

“Naturalness and fluidity of movement, without undue strain or tension, the whole body connected and working harmoniously, with the belly and ribs freely rising and falling with the breath, and nothing held or rigid. To my mind Claudia is so much more than a trainer, and what she teaches so effectively, is so much more than exercise. More supple and agile at seventy than at sixty, Claudia’s training has proved invaluable — both as a journey of recovery — but also of discovery.”

Riccardo L.

Riccardo L.

Age 30 – Initial consultation: recovery from spinal stabilization surgery as diagnosed by the doctor, lower back pain, poor alignment, poor abdominal strength – Training Period: 24 months

“I’ve been suffering from regular lower back pain since I had my spinal stabilization surgery. Thanks to Claudia my pelvis is more fully aligned and my pain has disappeared. What is really valuable about her method, is that after she aligns you, she also teaches you how to listen to your body, and how to train independently using customized exercises aimed to maintain the correct alignment. It has been really invaluable to me to discover my body and learn how to use it properly.”

Mara G.

Mara G.

Age 50+ – Initial consultation: lower back pain and neck pain.

“I have been working with Claudia, thanks to her efforts, I have lost and kept off 20 lbs and avoided my usual neck and back injuries that I’ve always suffered when working out at a gym or with a conventional trainer. My mother suffered greatly from osteoporosis before she passed away, so I was concerned about getting enough weight -bearing exercise and losing my middle-age spread, mostly from inactivity of a desk job. Since, in the past, I suffered gym-related back injuries requiring physical therapy sessions and wearing a back-brace, I was obviously concerned about getting a trainer who specialized in protecting that area, while still giving a good work-out. Under Claudia’s diligent supervision and careful attention to correct posture, I have never suffered that kind of injury and pain when working out with her.”

Brando B.

Brando B.

Age: 28 – Initial consultation: Severe back pain, unable to run, poor abdominal strength, poor physical condition. – Training period: 12 months

“When I first started with Claudia I was suffering from serious back pain and poor health. After 12 months of training with Claudia two times a week, plus additional individual stretching exercises I did at home, I tried out and was accepted to play on a professional rugby team, which I’m competing with regularly. I couldn’t have done this without Claudia’s help!”

Katy L.

Katy L.

Age 34 – Initial Consultation: Regular attacks of back pain, poor alignment, poor abdominal strength.

“What is exemplary in Claudia’s practice is the attention she paid to my medical and physical history. I have a history of back pain and Claudia has helped me strengthen my body – not just to build up muscle, but to align and strengthen my body from the core. Her floor, mat work and exercises classes gave me tools that I can work with on my own with her guidance to ensure that my alignment is as it should be.”


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