Noelle H.

Age 29 – Initial consultation: lower back pain, neck pain, C5-C6 bulging disc as diagnosed by the doctor – Training period: 3 months

“I suffered from lower back pain, neck pain, pain from misaligned hips and leg length discrepancy. I also had pain on my feet, ankles, and calves that would make it very difficult for me to walk. In three months Claudia really helped me work through all these. My posture improved and my hip alignment and leg length pretty much evened out. She strengthened my core because a strong core equals a strong body. The fact that my abs also started to really show and look great was an added bonus. Claudia teaches you how to do the workout while isolating the muscle you should be working on so as not to add any stress on the back and neck or other problem areas. She’s fantastic and training with her really helped speed up my recovery.”